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Thursday, February 15 2018
Does Your Winery Insurance Cover You in Case of a Natural Disaster?

Whether your winery has been passed down for generations or is a new passion project, you must have adequate coverage to safeguard your assets. A winery is a complicated business venture. Without a thorough knowledge of your insurance needs, you will find yourself not covered in a case where you thought you had insurance coverage. One of the most critical aspects of your winery operation is the growth of your grapes. If you don’t have winery insurance coverage to protect your grape harvest, you won’t have your most important asset covered from potential loss.

Importance of Your Grape Crop

While there are numerous steps to wine production, the grapes that go into your wine are what provide your signature taste. You can't go to the store and purchase a flat of grapes to make up for a lost crop. More importantly, without a viable grape crop, you can’t produce wine. As a result, the protection of your grapes through their harvest should be your number one priority.

Potential Damage to Your Grape Crop

What types of grape issues can occur when growing your crop? There are several different events that can cause your grape crop to be destroyed before harvest. Some of the various events include natural disasters such as floods, fires, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes. Other events that can cause your crop to be less than optimal include vine or grape infestations. However, many types of insurance policies do not include earthquake coverage, so you will likely need to purchase an additional kind of insurance coverage if you are in an earthquake zone.

Types of Insurance to Protect Your Grape Crop

You will need to purchase crop insurance to have your grapes covered. When you purchase grape insurance, you will be covered through the harvest of your grapes. However, when your grapes have been harvested, you will need different types of insurance to cover the production, storage, and transportation of your wine products.

In Conclusion

Owning a winery is a complicated endeavor. You will need numerous types of insurance coverage for a successful operation. To ensure the protection of your grapes, you must have crop insurance. Without crop insurance, your grape crop is subject to the devastation of a natural disaster or infestation. Also, you will need insurance coverage to protect your wine during production, storage, and transportation. If you need expert advice to guide you through the process of selecting winery insurance, contact us at Harmony Insurance.

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